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    Trailer Info:

    • Comes with in side lights
    • Change parts holder built on to side wall
    • Side door access
    • Length: 40 feet
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    Lightly used and less than 2 years old. This is a great opportunity for someone who needs a line that’s already running and doesn’t need any troubleshooting! Can hook up right off your bright tank. Comes with all spare parts to the line: including CIP cups that will save you man hours during cleaning. We also have SOP’s (Standard Operating Procedures) that will go with the line. Technology Specification:
    • Model: GD-BCG16/16/6
    • Washing Heads: 16
    • Filling Heads: 16
    • Capping Heads: 6 (For metal crown caps)
    • Capacity: 1,000-3,000 BPH
    • Dimensions: 2120 x 1890 x 2050mm (L x W x H)
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    • Dump Table
    • (2) Seitz 16 Head Fillers
    • Bertolaso Cork Transfer Unit
    • Bertolaso 4 Head Corker
    • Bertolaso 5 Head Foil Spinner
    • Impresstik Single Web Labeler
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    • Manufacturer: C and G
    • Voltage: 480
    • Phase: 3
    • 120 BPM.  Pressure Sensitive.  Change parts for 750, 1.5 (lots).  Control Console, 2 Stations (front and back)
    • Item #: B000308
    Foil Applicator
    • Manufacturer: R and G
    • Voltage: 480
    • Phase: 3
    • 120 BPM.  With Foil Magazine.  Great condition.  Control panel attached to Machine.
    • Item #: B000309
    • Manufacturer: Bertolaso
    • Voltage: 480
    • Phase: 3
    • 8 Head Foil Spinner.  120 BPM. Change parts
    • Item #: B000310
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    GAI GRAVITY FILLERS can easily fill 500 to 700 bottles an hour. Utilizing a simple float valve in the filler bowl automatically controls the flow of wine to the filler. Adjustment for different bottle sizes and fill height is simple and fast.  
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    40 Bottle per Minute!
    • MBF Miniblock LV 12 bottle rinser and filler, screw cap closure, with dump table and accumulation table.  Customer also has enough conveyor to make line in to u-shape.
    • Change parts for 4 different bottle types: 750 ml burgundy, bordeaux, 375ml (burgundy, bordeaux)
    • Pack lab labeler for pressure sensitive labels.  Will do front label, back label and neck label.