Hydro Tek Twister Surface Cleaner – B000147

Hydro Tek Twister Surface Cleaner – B000147


The Hydro Twister industrial flat surface cleaners are the ideal choice for cleaning concrete surfaces without the need for soap pre-treatment.

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Hydro Tek Twister Surface Cleaner

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A Hydro Twister rotary surface cleaner connects to your pressure washer to allow for more consistent cleaning than an operator with a wand and reduces operator fatigue.

The Hydro Twister uses both cold and hot water up to 250 degrees , on many models, offering easy cleanup of a number of surfaces. Hydro Tek Systems manufactures a number of Hydro Twister models, so you will be able to tackle your dirty patios, garages, concrete sidewalks, school yards, factory and warehouse floors, restroom floors, food processing   floors, service stations, concrete parking lots, pool decks, sport courts, roofs, loading docks, tile flooring, stadiums, marina docks and cleanup of moss, mold and mildew.

Hydro Twisters also get the job done 10- 20 times faster and with less water consumption than a hand wand. The Hydro Twisters use a rotating spray bar that operates right above the ground for a thorough clean that eliminates grease and grime much more efficiently than wand methods.

  • Year: 2014
  • Serial Number:200800654
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