Pellanc Destemmer and Optical Sorter – B000109

Pellanc Destemmer and Optical Sorter – B000109


  • Manufacturer: Pellanc
  • Year: 2011
  • Model Number: SP Winery
  • Serial Number: 81600/81627
  • Voltage: 400/480
  • Phase: 3

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Pellanc Destemmer and Optical Sorter

Destemmer Information:

  • Selectiv’ Process Winery is a linear destemming harvesting system which keeps berries and stems intact.
  • Pellenc’s two patented high frequency linear destemmers are linked to a  roller sorting table which enables  stems and leaf stalks to be removed In this way, the stems remain intact and 95% of the leaf stalks over 35 mm are removed. The quality of the resulting harvest is exceptional: only 0.18% waste
  • Adjustment is simple and quick, and the control can be guided with Selectiv’ Process Vision. For maintenance, cleaning takes around 30  minutes thanks to optimized design.
  • You will benefit from Pellenc’s technological lead and unrivalled level of performance which help you turn your best land to wine.

Optical Sorter Information:

  • The first part of Pellenc’s Selectiv’ Process Vision comprises of a, vibrating table and a patented cord conveyor, which together collect and disperse de-stemmed berries such that they form a single layer across the machine.  Each berry sits in the groove between two adjacent cords, ensuring good visibility for the artificial eye.  The inclined belt works in a reverse direction and effects an initial cleaning of unwanted elements.
  • Berries are then carried underneath the artificial vision system, which examines each item individually for shape and colour.  Berries or other matter which do not conform to the parameters designated by the operator are then removed by means of a pneumatic ejection system, consisting of hundreds of very high velocity air nozzles controlled by the machine’s in-built PC and software.  Unwanted elements are forced downwards into a receptacle, whilst the selected fruit flows freely into a separate bin, fitted with a pneumatic pump to transport fruit directly to the fermenter or press.  And all this at an incredible rate of up to 2 metres per second!
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Additional information

Weight 100 lbs
Dimensions 20 x 20 x 20 in

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