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  • P&L Specialties ½ Ton Bin Dumper Item # B000979

    • Serial #: 209170
    • Model year: 2009
    • Dimensions: 87"x 53" with variable discharge height
    • Power: 240V/ 3Ph / 30Amp
    • Capacity: 1/2 Ton
    • Hydraulic ½-Ton Bin Dumper.
    • All stainless steel tubing, angle and sheet.
    • 3 HP hydraulic power pack with stainless steel reservoir.
    • Hydraulic cylinder is 3” diameter x 36” stroke.
    • Unit is operated remotely using heavy-duty NEMA4 foot pedal controls on a 25' tether.
    • Electronic controls are housed in a stainless steel NEMA4 UL-listed control panel.
    • Bin Dumper to receive container sized 48” W x 48” L x 28” H.
    • Unit to be equipped with four level-adjusting feet
      P&L Specialties’ versatile 1⁄2-ton Bin Dumper allows full bins to be loaded from the rear. Foot-actuated controls allow fine control as product is delivered, improving sorting ability and providing uniform flow to the destemmer. Improved consistency makes all the difference. The Bin Dumper features all stainless steel construction, a robust hydraulic system and rugged electrical controls.
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  • P&L Specialties Bin Dumper Item # B000896

    • 230 V/3Ph on control box
    • Serial number 203140-A
    • Drawing available
    • 61.5” W x 116” +/- H x 88 .25” D
    • Machine has had leg extensions added
    • Shipping Total height is 118" +/-
    • Bin load entry height is 78"
    • Bin dump grape outlet is 110"
    • Interior bin dimension is 49 W" x 29.5" H x 52.25 "D
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  • Alfatek - 15 valve Counterpressure Bottling Line Item #: B001077

    • Model: Elvira QBS -V
    • Model year: 2008
    • Serial #: 08/200
    • Voltage: 208 V / 3 Ph / 60 Hz / 8.5 amps
    • Dimensions of Alfatek: +/- 5'W x 12'L x 90" H

    Alfatek filler comprising of a bottle inverter/rinser, 4 head sparser, 15 spout pressure filler (0.15 bar), followed by either a vacuum corker or a screw capper, 6 change parts for 63 mm to 88 mm bottles, a 25 psi steam generator, two code 7 by 30 inch filler cans. The Alfatek is touch screen controlled with motorized height adjustments, bottle counting, spare parts, manuals, and all safety interlocks.

    All manuals, diagrams, and parts are included. Line needs 3 -4 people to run. Owner never ran over 1,500 BPH due to small production and winemaking approach. In great shape with regular in-house service.



  • CE Heat Tunnel Item # B001068

    • Model: SM-123OS
    • Model year: 2010
    • Power: 220V / 3PH / 28 Amp/ 9 Kw / 50-60 Hz
    • Dimensions: 59" L x 40" W x 81" H
    • Can work with 375 ml, 750 ml, and 1.5L bottles
    • Power on, auto off heat, temporary e-stop
    • Comes with a wrench to adjust the height
    • Works in conjunction with standard width conveyor but must remove plastic guides on the conveyance or they will melt. Comes with conveyor track but no belt. Simple to operate.
    • No user manual
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  • Full Bertolaso Bottling Line Item # B001083

      Description: Full Bertolaso bottling line. Line features full conveyance, overhead conveyance,  Robino & Galandrino capsule applicator and spinner, Cavagnino & Gatti 3 station labeler, Hartness International Case packer, Nordson case sealer, and Brenton palletizer and pallet wrapper. Line is rated at 150 BPM, in great shape.   The Bertolaso portion of the line features a Enoica model 24/36/6 with a separate 4-head screwcapping monoblock. Cork and screwcapper each have stand-alone hopper and elevator. Robino & Galandrino capsule dispenser and 6-head applicator are in great shape. The line progresses to a 3-station, rotary-style, Cavagnino & Gatti labeler with 14 heads. Labeler has lug/ seam spotting and color spotting. The Hartness case packer is in great shape and capable of working with 6 or 12 packs and has change parts. Lots of Arol and additional quality control throughout entire line. Line finishes up at Brenton palletizer and pallet wrapper.  Can work with all types of bottles; straight, taper, reverse taper.   The Bertolaso monoblock is from 2009 but many monoblocks have been upgraded or replaced. Line in nice shape and looking for a new home. Located in Northern California.  


  • Complete 6-Head CODI Counter Pressure Bottle Canning Line Item# B000906

      Like new condition with very low hours Model year 2020 50 – 55 Bottle Cans per minute throughput Serial #: F706-01-2020 Set up for bottling aluminum bottles. There is the potential to purchase kit through manufacturer to utilize traditional cans.    Includes:
    • Depalletizing System – DPL-250 Bottle Version
    • Bottle Gripper Lowerator “S” Shape & Water Rinse
    • Ionized Air Rinse
    • 6-Head Counter Pressure Filler
    • Conveying Basic Layout
    • Date Coder – Videojet 1580
    • Chart CryoFlex Doser
    • Custom Bottle Drying System w/ blower motor and VFD
    Requirements: Power: 230 V / 3 Ph 60 Hz Compressed Air, Water, C02  

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