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  • Allen Machinery - Grape Feeder Shaker Hopper Item # B000795

    Model: 69836 Serial #: CON19866 Model Year: 1999 Voltage: 220 V / 3 Ph Dimensions: 43” W x 136” L x 77” H (adjustable) The hopper can hold 1 -2 tons of whole cluster fruit. New belt and bearing as of August 2019. Last used November 2020.

    To be used in conjunction with Allen Machinery Sorting Table - B000794

  • Bucher Vaslin E1 Destemmer Item # B000771

      Model: Delta E1 destemmer Model year 2005 Voltage: 480 V / 3 Ph Needs a stand and cleaning
  • P&L Specialties Elevated Sorting Table Item # B000770


    Voltage: 480 V / 3 Ph

    Model Year 2005

    Table Length: 8’2”

    Belt width: 24”

  • Velo Grape Destemmer Item# B000763


    Model: DPC 100

    Model Year: 2002

    Power: 240 V / 3 Ph

    Last used Sept 2020

    In excellent shape
  • Sale Pending
    SALE PENDING.  Back-up offers accepted.

    Thermo Scientific Pipette Kit Item # B000767

    Model: GLP F2 Kit 3 Cat. No 4700885 Thermo Scientific Pipette Kit

    Brand new!

    Related applications:

    Pipettes and Pipette Tips

    Access everything needed for pipetting in these all-inclusive kits. Thermo Scientific™ Finnpipette™ F2 GLP (Good Laboratory Pipetting) Kits provide durable, high-performance Finnpipette F2 pipetters which offer maximum reliability and comfort. The F2 pipetters have unique features such as AVG (Advanced Volume Gearing mechanism) and a very large display for improved usability and comfort.


    Priced to Sell! –  Call Now! Call 707-573-3154 or email today!

  • Fisher Scientific / Metler Toledo Density Meter

    Item # B000766

    Year: 2020
    Voltage: 110 V / Single Ph
    BRAND NEW! never been used.


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