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    Burgstahler Pump

    Item #: B000620

    Model: Wrightflow TRA-20 1300 Piston Style - Flex Impeller
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    Carlsen & Assoc Pump

    Item #: B000621

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    Carlsen Screw Sump Pump Item # B000559

    • Small screw sump designed to plug into Waukesha Pump
    • 29” W x 29” L
    • Auger sits 11’’ off ground
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    Pump over cart

    Item #: B000623

    Model: 36" x 48" x 24"

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    TBC2CL - Tom Beard Barrel Processing Line Item #B000551

    TBC2CL is a complete Barrel Processing System designed to handle barrels while they are still on the racks. This item comes with a 1 year warranty. Features:
    • TBC 2 Barrel Processing Line
    • Works with 2 barrel racks
    • Empty - Fill Station
    • 2 Wash Stations
    • Load Station
    • Unload Station
    • Unit is portable
    • PLC Touch Screen
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    The P&L Specalties Pump Over Cart provides the ultimate in value. It’s the details that make all the differences! You can buy other carts for the same price, but why? Check out the differences – our carts feature fully welded internal seams to ensure sanitary conditions.
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