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    Burgstahler  Z Elevator Item # B000536

    • Year: 2016
    • Voltage: 480 Volt 3 phase
    • Hopper Dimensions:  53” x 47” x 36”
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    Diemme Grape Elevator

    Item #: B000639

    Model: NE 4500 Belt Elevator

    Serial #: C215088

    Year: 2015
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    Sierra Stainless Elevated Sorting Conveyor Item #: B000645

    Serial #: 8784

    Year: 2001

    Max throughput of 2 tons per hour

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    Key Technology - Incline Conveyor

    Item #: B000668

    Model: Vertical Incline Belt with small receiving hopper 5 ton hourly throughput Year: 2014 Voltage: 240 V / 3 Ph  
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    OMAC Bin Dumper Item: #B000626

    Model: EASY Hopper capacity:  500 L

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    P&L Specialties’ LT™ (Le Trieur™) Item #B000542

    P&L Specialties’ LT™ (Le Trieur™) is mounted underneath or downstream from the destemmer, this machine’s innovative patented design allows unripe “shot” berries, stem jacks, raisins and Material-Other-than-Grape (MOG) to pass through a wedge-wire screen. LT’s™ gentle oscillating motion then allows the whole, ripe berries to easily pass onward. This technology dramatically reduces the labor required for post-destemmer sorting. As featured in a recent Wine Business Monthly New Products section, “The LT™ means a giant leap forward in the quality of must going to your fermenters!” Manufactured entirely of stainless steel, and equipped with a VFD for complete range of speed control. The LT™ is very easy to operate, clean and allows juice to be captured. The LT™ can be designed to fit into your existing line or, of course, will integrate easily into a new P&L Specialties’ processing line.
    • Voltage: 220V/3ph
    • Condition: Great
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