Tom Beard Company 4-Barrel Cabinet Style Washer Item # B001090

  Make: TBC4 Barrel Cabinet Style Washer Model: T16-400-006 Voltage: 480V / 3 Ph, 60Hz Manufacture Date: 2017 Weight: 800 lbs   TBC4-CL Cabinet Style Barrel Washing Machine:
  • High Pressure stainless steel booster pump that produce 265 psi @ 4.5 gpm per barrel
  • Motor driven, proprietary designed high-pressure wash nozzles
  • Ozone resistant Stainless Steel braided hoses with high-pressure swivels
  • Ozone resistant angle piston inlet valves that prevent back-flow
  • PLC controlled wash cycle to automatically switch between hot, cold/ozone rinse cycle
  • Touch Screen interface to give operator full control of all washing parameters and functions.
  • Oscillating wash cycle for greater barrel coverage and more efficient washing
  • Pneumatically controlled wash wand lift mechanism to prevent system from knocking barrels off, when barrels are misaligned.
  • 1.5” tri-clamp inlet connections for both hot and cold rinse water.
  • The rinse cycle will include a hot water bunghole area rinse, a hot water barrel rinse, and a cold water barrel rinse.
  • This system includes a roller assembly mounted on top of the washer to assist the operator in rolling the barrels down and lining up the bungholes
  • The operator can set the time for each of these rinses by simply changing the timer values on the face of the control panel.
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