Cellar : Velo Heat Exchanger – B000972

Cellar : Velo Heat Exchanger – B000972

Velo Heat Exchanger
Item# B000972


Never been used. Some small cosmetic dings
  • Model: Tube in tube
  • Model #: STT3052080
  • Serial #: V0017419
  • Year: 2008


This unit is fitted with 2″ tri-clover flanges and measures: 72″H x 126″L x 27″W, including the footprint of the wheelbase.

The Velo STT Tube-in-Tube Heat Exchangers are modular units for heating/cooling products, such as must and fruit juices both with and without pulp. Their shape makes easy access to the tubes conveying the product and therefore a rapid cleaning of the heat exchanger. The system features a series of units including two horizontal concentric Aisi 304 stainless steel tubes, positioned one above the other. The product flows inside the tube while the heating/cooling fluid flows in the circular crown section between the two tubes. The inside of the tube is corrugated with a spiral pattern which produces turbulent flow in order to improve the heat exchange. Each single element is lagged with 30 mm thick high-density foamed polyurethane covered with Aisi 304 stainless steel sheet.


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