Bottling : Full Bertolaso Bottling Line – B001083

Bottling : Full Bertolaso Bottling Line – B001083

Full Bertolaso Bottling Line
Item # B001083



Full Bertolaso bottling line. Line features full conveyance, overhead conveyance,  Robino & Galandrino capsule applicator and spinner, Cavagnino & Gatti 3 station labeler, Hartness International Case packer, Nordson case sealer, and Brenton palletizer and pallet wrapper. Line is rated at 150 BPM, in great shape.


The Bertolaso portion of the line features a Enoica model 24/36/6 with a separate 4-head screwcapping monoblock. Cork and screwcapper each have stand-alone hopper and elevator. Robino & Galandrino capsule dispenser and 6-head applicator are in great shape. The line progresses to a 3-station, rotary-style, Cavagnino & Gatti labeler with 14 heads. Labeler has lug/ seam spotting and color spotting. The Hartness case packer is in great shape and capable of working with 6 or 12 packs and has change parts. Lots of Arol and additional quality control throughout entire line. Line finishes up at Brenton palletizer and pallet wrapper.  Can work with all types of bottles; straight, taper, reverse taper.


The Bertolaso monoblock is from 2009 but many monoblocks have been upgraded or replaced. Line in nice shape and looking for a new home. Located in Northern California.



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