Bottling-Cap Applicator: Zalkin Automatic Capping Machine – B000907

Bottling-Cap Applicator: Zalkin Automatic Capping Machine – B000907

Zalkin Automatic Capping Machine
Item # B000907


Very low hours, like new condition.

Serial number: 25016

230 V / 3 PH

Model: 4/360 Automatic Caping Machine w/ ZFR 250 L Cap Feed Elevator



ZALKIN MODEL CA–4/360 AUTOMATIC CAPPING MACHINE equipped for the application of 38 mm aluminum screw caps to 375ml aluminum bottles at a speed of 120 bottles per minute. This machine is equipped as follows:

  • Four (4) ZALKIN Type 100 sealing heads for the aluminum caps with no cap/no roller action to prevent thread finish damage and/or contamination of the sealing head should bottles enter the machine without caps. This head is adjustable in place on the machine and need not be removed for routine adjustment and lubrication.
  •      ZALKIN LUBE-FREE MIXED HEADSLIDES with central lubrication and hand pump for remaining grease points to decrease overall maintenance while increasing uptime and reliability.
  • Cap transfer to bottle finish is via direct pick-off from the cap chute. Transfer system includes sensors for no bottle/no cap control via cap dispenser.
  • One set of bottle handling equipment for the round aluminum bottles is included and is comprised of the following: a) Timing screw d) Center star b) Infeed star e) Back guide c) Center guide f) Discharge star

All bottle handling equipment (BHE) is designed and built specifically for the bottle to be run to assure maximum control and gentle handling. All bottle handling equipment is of quick-release design requiring no tools for changeover. Each set of bottle handling equipment is color coded to the individual bottle size to be run. Additional bottles specified can be found under “Additional Equipment”.

  • Machine base construction features stainless steel external coverings and tabletop over welded steel framework. All painted parts above the tabletop are painted with two-part epoxy paint.
  • Machine is equipped with servo-driven multi-spindle speed facility and a double profile main cam.
  • Two-meter length of 304L stainless steel conveyor channel through the machine is supplied; no chain or drive is provided.
  • This machine is equipped with an electric motorized system for adjusting the height of the capping turret as required by differing heights of containers.
  • Operator interface is a SIEMENS KTP 700 HMI located in an elevated CE rated (NEMA 4 equivalent) stainless steel panel mounted to the machine.
  • Machine logic governed by a SIEMENS S7-1200 PLC.

28 mm & 38 mm capper heads


Bottling handling parts for 250 ml 53 x 180 (28 mm formed thread), 250 ml 53 x 150 (38mm outsert) and 375ml 53 x 208.
375ml (59 x H168 MM)

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