Cellar/Tank: Pulsair Tank Mixer – B000824

Cellar/Tank: Pulsair Tank Mixer – B000824

Pulsair Tank Mixer
Item # B000824

Pulsair Model TM-2002W


  • Aerates wine juice and blows out mercaptans and other undesirable sulfur compounds
  • Enhances color, tannins and flavor extraction
  • Time savings – mixes grape caps faster than other methods freeing up time
  • Helps eliminate hot/cold spots and provides uniform temperature in the fermentation tank
  • Provides uniform yeast distribution
  • Helps avoid bacteria and mold from growing on top of grape caps
  • Reduces need for additives, nutrients etc
  • In-tank mixing eliminates spills and cross-contamination
  • Reduces labor cost (less time to mix caps than other traditional methods)
  • Encourages fermentation
  • Mounted on a cart
  • Requires 1” or larger air supply from plant compressed air

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