Complete Mobile Bottling Line – B000228

Complete Mobile Bottling Line – B000228

Trailer Info:

  • Comes with in side lights
  • Change parts holder built on to side wall
  • Side door access
  • Length: 40 feet

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Complete Mobile Bottling Line


  • Dump Table
  • 12 head GAI rinser
  • Nitrogen Sparger
  • 16 Head GAI Filler
  • Self-Leveling After Filler
  • Single Head GAI Corker
  • 8 Head GAI Spinner (auto foil dispenser does not work) Foils must be applied by hand.
  • Kosme Labeler (2 station- Front and back label) Machine pre-disposed to have neck label station added.
  • Wrap around conveyor to pack off station
  • Comes with 130 waukesha pump
  • Change parts for 750 ml bottles only
  • Steam Generator comes with Line
  • 45 BPM
In Excellent Condition!
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