Destemmer : Delta Oscillys 100 Destemmer – B000975

Destemmer : Delta Oscillys 100 Destemmer – B000975

Delta Oscillys 100 Destemmer
Item # B000975


  • 480V / 3Ph
  • Up to 5 TPH
  • Preserve the integrity of the berries
  • Preserve the state of stems (no break, no grinding up)
  • Fully separate the grapes from stems
  • Remove shot berries, verjus, dry grapes, unripe grapes which remain on the stems
  • Ships from Napa Valley; utilized Harvest 2022
  • On stand to accommodate post sorting vibrating table
  • Pre-harvest maintenance included
  • Drawings and user manual included



Delta Oscillys destemmer destems berries from the stems by inertia. Berries and stems are collected on an integrated roller sorter allowing the removal of undesirable elements.  Adjustable speed, roller spacing, and cage sizes allow for destemming adjustments according to the variety of grapes. Enjoy the exclusive advantages of the Delta Oscillys at a steep discount to new pricing.


Positive results

Delta Oscillys is five to ten times more qualitative than traditional destemmer.
The residual vegetal parts are around 0,2% to 0,5% against 2% to 4,5% with a traditional destemmer.


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