Pumps: Easy Float 300 – B000722

Pumps: Easy Float 300 – B000722

Easy Float 300

Item: #B000722


Model year 2018

480 V / 3 Ph


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Model: Easy Float 300

Speed: 300hL/hr



Designed to efficiently reduce juice turbidity without the need for cold setting

Capable of floating 8,000 gallons per hour at 4.5 bar on juice containing up to 15%SS

The system is also capable of performing flotation with either nitrogen or compressed air (hyper oxygenation), utilizing the onboard flowmeter for accurate dosing.

Removes up to 85% of the naturally present microbial load.

Improved yield, greater lees compaction when compared to traditional cold setting.

10hp centrifugal pump

(2) 20L/hr peristaltic dosing pumps for proportional adjuvant dosing

Programmable time for automatic shut-off includes pressure sensor for safety.

480 V / 3 Ph

Model year 2018

serial number: IMEASYFLOAT300138


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