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JU.CLA.S Automatic Yeast Rehydrator/Oak Extractor
Item: # B000724


Model: EasyFerm 25 – Oak

480V / 3 Phase

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JU.CLA.S Automatic Yeast Rehydrator/Oak Extractor

Model: EasyFerm 25 – Oak



Easy to use software enable the user to fine-tune all parameters of the rehydration process.

Utilizing this system will eliminate the lag phase and increase cell counts by 50% and cell visibility by 30%.

Onboard dosing system for addition nutrient solution.

2 onboard heaters to heat water.

Jacketed tank for efficient cooling, capable of utilizing cold water or glycol.

Magnetic flowmeter for accurate volume measurement’s

Possibility to run PDC buildups in automatic for secondary fermentations and restarts.

Tannin dissolution, wine transfers, efficient tannin extraction from oak alternatives.

Oak extraction program can reduce the time necessary to obtain full extraction by 85%

480V / 3 Phase


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