MOG Removal : P&L Specialties LT™ (Le Treiur™) MOG Separator – B001086

MOG Removal : P&L Specialties LT™ (Le Treiur™) MOG Separator – B001086

P&L Specialties LT™ (Le Treiur™) MOG Separator
Item # B001086

  • Make: P&L Specialties
  • Model: LT Table
  • S/N: 207188 EE
  • 240V/3Ph
  • Date Made: 2007
  • Has new controls but needs new dog bones – which Revolution Equipment Sales will provide once sale is arranged.


The LT™ is a patent-pending motorized sorting device. The sorting process allows unripened “shot” berries, stem jacks, raisins, and MOG (Material Other than Grape) to pass through a wedge wire sorting screen. LT’s™ gentle shaking motion then allows the whole, ripe berries to easily pass on to the next stage.

This device can be integrated into the sorting system underneath or downstream from the destemmer and dramatically reduces the labor required for post destemmer sorting.

The LT™ features include all stainless steel construction for ease of cleaning, a programmable VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) for a complete range of speed control, a remote pendant control, removable directional wedge wire sorting screens, a removable MOG collector, and an integrated juice pan.



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