Reverse Osmosis : Mavrik NA Reverse Osmosis Unit – B001024

Reverse Osmosis : Mavrik NA Reverse Osmosis Unit – B001024

Mavrik NA Reverse Osmosis System
Item # B001024


  • Mavrik North America Reverse Osmosis System
  • Application: VA (Volatile Acidity) Removal
  • Year: 2013 / Last Serviced: May 2023
  • 480V / 3Ph
  • Includes: 1 VA Resin Skid
  • Very Good Operating Condition
  • New Membranes
  • Controls: EATON
  • Capacity:
    • VA down 30% per hour in 200 gallons
  • SOP For VA Removal included
  • SOP For Cleaning Procedures included


General Description:

A reverse osmosis (RO) machine from Mavrik North America allows for:

  • Managing Wine Stability: Reverse osmosis can contribute to wine stability and help maintain the quality of your wine
  • Control of the overall sensory profile of the wine.
  • Machines can run unattended
  • Smoke filter membrane media available and sold separately

Careful Control:

The use of an RO machine requires precise control over operating parameters such as pressure, temperature, and flow rates. It is essential to carefully monitor and adjust these variables to achieve the desired outcomes and prevent any unintended effects on the wine.


*Expertise and Training: Operating an RO machine effectively requires expertise and training. Winemakers should be knowledgeable about the specific requirements and limitations of the machine, as well as the impact of RO on wine composition and quality.


*Compliance with Regulations: When using reverse osmosis on wine, it is crucial to ensure compliance with applicable regulations and labeling requirements. Some regions may have specific guidelines regarding the use of these technologies in winemaking, especially concerning alcohol adjustment.


Specific guidance on using reverse osmosis machines in winemaking applications from Mavrik North America is available.



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