Sorting : Armbruster Vibratory Sorting Table – B001082

Sorting : Armbruster Vibratory Sorting Table – B001082

Armbruster Vibratory Sorting Table
Item # B001082

  • Model: VST – 4000 – 2
  • Model Year: 2019
  • Serial #: 9485
  • Power: 480V / 3Ph
  • Dimensions: 31” W x 13’ L x 42.5” H
  • Inlet H: 42.5”
  • Outlet H: 37”


  • Total width of table, including sides: 38″ W.
  • Comes with variable speed control (VFD)
  • The Armbruster VST is an all-stainless steel vibrating sorting table designed for manual cluster sorting of grapes to improve fruit quality and cleanliness. The stainless steel construction makes this table highly sanitary, easy to clean, reliable and long-lasting.


Key Features:

  • Manual cluster sorting for improved fruit quality
  • Easy to clean and maintain due to its simplistic design
  • Gentle vibration energy feeds grapes at a controlled rate
  • 2 x Slotted dejuicing zones with screen to separate out MOG
  • Robust stainless steel construction



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