Sorting : P&L Specialties Cluster Thruster – B000978

Sorting : P&L Specialties Cluster Thruster – B000978

P&L Specialties Cluster Thruster™
Item # B000978


  • Serial #: 216119
  • Model year 2016
  • 230 V / 3 Ph
  • Rough table dimensions: 5’11” W x 13’ L x 89” H
  • Inlet H: +/- 89″
  • Outlet H: 66.5″
  • 50-degree flared sides.
  • Comes with optional wedge wire screen
  • Perfect for the winery looking to process at 5 tons per hour and above.
  • Includes aftermarket catwalk on one side. Attached via bolt, the catwalk is 24″ W and 139″ L. Total W is about 7’W including catwalk.
  • Variable speed control
  • Mounted on footpads with 4 holes and the ability to be mounted to the crush pad.


The P&L Cluster Thruster™ is designed to handle 1⁄2-ton Macro Bin processing at “dump and run” speeds. Even with full bin dumps, whole clusters are gently and evenly conveyed forward with elliptical action to your sorting table, destemmer or pump. The Cluster Thruster™ gently conveys product at high tonnage while preventing shear and fruit loss. The variable-speed control can process at rates up to 20 tons per hour.

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