Sorting : Post-Destemmer Shaker Table – B000939

Sorting : Post-Destemmer Shaker Table – B000939

Sorting: Oscillating Belt Sorting Table
Item # B000939



  • Used as a Post-Destemmer Shaker Table.  Manufactured to feed optical sorter.
  • Nominal throughput: 6 – 15 TPH. MOG screen / juice pan with outlet underneath. The table has a regulator (strip of metal running the width of the table) to regulate berry height/ flow and assemble in single layer orientation to better analyze the berries.
  • Shaker elements were replaced in 2022.
  • Meticulous Seller: equipment very well maintained.
  • Sold separately or as part of full reception line (see B000937 and B000938)


  • Outside Dimensions: 58” W x 14’2” L
  • 52” W belt
  • 29.5 W at discharge
  • Discharge H: 48″


  • On legs with 4 bolt holes
  • Power: 240 V / 3 PH
  • Has a VFD but no controls


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