TMCI Padovan Nitor Cross-Flow Filter – B000146

TMCI Padovan Nitor Cross-Flow Filter – B000146


  • Year: 2007
  • Model Number: NITOR CA 8
  • Serial Number: 90900475-0/001
  • Voltage: 480, 3 Phase
  • Well Maintained – Deep Clean 2015
  • Membranes tested – as close to new
  • Last Service: 2016 (ATP Technician)
  • 8 Head Filtration System
  • 6 Original Filters from 2007
  • 2 filters from 2012

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TMCI Padovan Nitor Cross-Flow Filter

More Information

The Padovan Nitor Cross-Flow Filtration System:

  • The Padovan system has one recirculation pump for every 3 membranes (30m2 total surface area) known as a “Module“.
  • This pump operates at a low rotational speed of approximately 1450 rpm and gives a linear flow rate of approximately 1ms-1 within the recirculation loop. In this way, the problem of heating of the wine is avoided.
  • There is an added benefit in that any expansion of the system would always give a recirculation that has the recirculation pumps operating in their optimal ranges as each 3 membranes have a dedicated recirculation pump.

Each “Module” (3 membranes + pump) can be isolated from other modules if needed, E.g. if the volume of wine to be filtered did not require that the entire surface area of the system be used or if a membrane was suspected of being faulty.
Back-flushing of the membranes is needed to maintain the filtrate flux over the length of the filtration. The frequency of this operation is related directly to the particular wine being filtered. The frequency of back-flushing is determined by the operator and once programmed is carried out fully automatically by the Padovan system.

The automation of the Padovan NITOR Cross-Flow Filtration System is controlled by a touch-screen user interface: This touch-screen is in full color and is available in bi-lingual configurations

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