VeloFLOW TMC Crossflow Wine Filter – B000268

VeloFLOW TMC Crossflow Wine Filter – B000268


  • Machine Type: Crossflow
  • Manufacturer: Velo SPA
  • Year: 2009
  • Model Number: TMC07A
  • Serial Number: V0017843
  • Voltage: 480
  • Phase: 3

This is a Velo SPA crossflow with 21 elements

  • 14 Elements are from 2009
  • 7 Elements are from 2013

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VeloFLOW TMC Crossflow Wine Filter

More Information:

The cross-flow speed and the working pressures have been chosen to grant a long life of membranes. The cross- flow filters VeloFLOW TMC are distinguished by their low power consumption as well as by the very limited temperature increase, which is absolutely unsuitable, should the product’s organolectic characteristics be preserved.

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