5 Steps To Ensure Your Equipment Sells

Selling winery equipment is no different than selling a car – but many winemakers forget the little details to take to ensure their equipment is easy to sell. We wanted to provide these helpful tips so you can get top dollar on your equipment.

    We frequently have conversations with wineries that place a high dollar value on equipment, yet when we arrive; it’s not in sellable shape. Clean your equipment thoroughly. Remove all leaves, dirt, wine, grapes, etc. and rinse all of the machinery down. Have your equipment in pristine condition and ‘Harvest-Ready’ shape.
    Any equipment requiring power should have a cord with a plug attached, and has recently been powered up. Be prepared to run the machine in our presence, so we can video it. One of the most frequently asked questions we receive from buyers is: “have you seen it run?” followed by: “do you have a video of it running?” Please remember that a machine must be in good working order.
    This may sound silly, but many wineries forget that the equipment needs to be in a location where it is easily accessible to us. This is important for running the machine as well as taking measurements.
    Make sure the location also has great lighting. We encourage sellers to have the best light inside or outside to showcase your high-valued equipment.
     Lastly, think of yourself as the buyer. How would you hope the equipment is shown? What would you look for? Would you want it cleaned as thoroughly as possible?

Finally – Have Papers.  Along with presenting the physical machine in the best possible condition, it is important to have operator manuals, materials which reference performance, specs, etc., from the original equipment manufacturer. By following these simple steps, you can ensure your equipment will receive the attention it deserves. Contact us to help sell your equipment fast and easy.