Qualifying the Right Tank for your Needs

Tanks play such a varied role in every winery. Some wineries see them simply as a means to an end: storing wine. They may be stored in the back outside in direct sun. Other wineries include their elaborate tanks on the tour; to subtly communicate the care of the tank equals the care in the making of the wine.  Regardless of how they are treated, every winery needs tanks.

Revolution Equipment Sales can secure precisely the NEW TANKS you need for your winery. Answering the following questions will help us get you a fast accurate quote:

  • Tank Style: Open or closed top? If open top, would you like a variable capacity top (so you lower the top of the tank to fit different sized lots) or would you prefer a standard open top?
  • Jacket Type: Dimple or channel jacket?
  • Tank Size: What gallon capacity?
  • Manway Needed: Do you need a manway or does the tank not require one? Do you need a bottom manway and a racking door (closed top tanks)?
  • Triclover Size: What size triclover (TRC) fittings do you need on your tank?
  • How Many: The quantity of each tank.

By answering the above questions you’ll be clearer on the best tanks for your winery as well as your upcoming production needs. It will also help us provide a fast and accurate quote for your New Tanks.
Contact us today to get started on your New Tank Purchase.